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potato tower


i’ve read about planting potatoes in old tires but the idea of food i’m going to eat next to an old tire doesn’t seem like the greatest idea, and getting sign-off to put a stack of tires in the yard from mrs. bickle is never ever going to happen, so i had resigned myself to not growing potatoes anytime soon. then … i was just minding my own business (actually trying to find info about the BCS tractor i really want) … i strolled across this great small farmer blog, One Straw: Be The Change which ultimately led to the Seattle Times and plans for a 4ft high potato tower. so off to lowes for some 2x6s and screws. for about $30 i’ve made this.

potatoe tower

potato tower

since sun is still a premium at the homestead, this is sitting in the only sunny spot left, at the end of the drive right next to the side walk. our neighbors love us! i used a few cardboard boxes on the bottom and just placed it right on the grass. the dirt is Sweet Peet we are HUGE fans of Sweet Peet and are hoping the potatoes are also.

finally in went some potatoes, and a couple of sweet potatoes for good measure. hopefully i will report back with raving results.

planting potatoes

planting potatoes

2 thoughts on “potato tower

  1. A tractor,…..REALLY?

  2. Most people probably would not call it a tractor, but I’m not most people. It is a 2-wheeled tractor. Very popular in Europe where they have smaller farms. Probably good for 2 to 4 acres. I’ll write about it soon. Maybe I’ll just buy one instead.

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